household water systems

Thank you for visiting my website: Household Water Systems.  My name is Fred Rader and I have done my best to provide honest, straightforward information and product reviews on the water systems in your house.  I'm not a contractor or builder, but do consider myself pretty handy around the house.  I've put in a patio, expanded my kitchen, redone my master bath, swapped out my tank water heater for a tankless and lots of other smaller projects.

When I buy something, I research the model and brand to death....or at least I do according to my wife 🙂  All the product reviews on my site have been extensively researched by me....I hope you will find them helpful and allow you to make a better buying decision with less effort.

For now, please check out my tankless water heater reviews.  I plan on expanding the reviews on other household water products/systems.  I would love to get some feedback on what I can do to make this website better and more helpful.