Best White Kitchen Faucets (2021 Reviews & Guide)

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If you are shopping for an immaculate-looking faucet for your kitchen, then having a polished white finish will be your first port of call. When it comes to having a clean kitchen, choosing white will be hugely important for retaining that pristine finish.

Having a tap that is made from enamel will also be very important for maintaining its integrity. Enamel is just as durable and resistant to water damage as stainless steel or copper. It is also very smooth and easy to scrub down.

But where exactly can you find the best kitchen faucets in white? What features and designs do a white kitchen faucet need to have to give you the best rinsing and washing capabilities? Is a white enamel faucet more durable than a stainless steel one? How much can you be looking to pay for a decent white kitchen faucet?

Well, if you do want to rejuvenate your kitchen with a wonderful white faucet, then we would certainly recommend that you read on.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best white faucets that you can currently get on the market, along with a buyer’s guide that will help you to discern the good faucets from the bad.


Glacier Bay Market pull-down faucet

This first faucet has a pull-down function that you can use to direct the water from your tap at a 360-degree angle. This has a metal coating and a white enamel finish that is both wonderful to look at but also very functional and very easy to keep clean - introducing the Glacier Bay Market Pull-Down Faucet, one of the best pull-down faucets on the market.

This comes in a very regal-looking swan-like design, with a single handle design that you can use very easily to extract water from. Some deep pans and bowls will certainly be much harder to wash, so having a multi-directional faucet will be very important to getting your bowl thoroughly scrubbed.

There are two settings with this faucet, that being an aerated stream and Glacier Bay’s TurboSpray function. The TurboSpray is great for shifting those stubborn stains such as dried cereal, whereas the aerated spray is great for everyday use, saving you precious cash on your water bills at the end of the month.


  • This faucet has a ceramic disc on the inside that prevents any leakages from occurring at a later date. This is great for increasing the overall lifespan of your faucet.
  • You can adjust the water flow with a single lever, which will reduce water wastage and save you money on your bills in the long run.
  • You can install this tap very easily with the FastMount installation features - this will save you a lot of money on getting a plumber out!
  • This has a very sleek and glossy finish, which will blend in with most kitchen decors, giving you plenty of ability to clean.


  • There are no magnetic docking capabilities in the retractable head, so you might be fumbling around for a while to get this one in its housing.


Dura Faucet DF-PK330HC-WT RV J-Spout Kitchen Sink Faucet (White)

This is a great faucet that is actually designed for use in an RV, with high quality and stylish exterior with an interior construction that has enough to match. This has a very compact height that makes it perfect for the space of most RVs and apartment kitchens where you might not have much room - introducing the Dura Faucet J-Spout Kitchen Sink Faucet.

This has an arched design that is perfect for getting a larger amount of clearance in your sink area. If you are planning on washing large amounts of plates and pots for your Sunday dinner, then this is a great shape of spout to have. You can swivel the head very easily, allowing you some dual sink action.

This is the perfect faucet for use in an RV, not only will it save you plenty of space, but it will fit in nicely with any plain white fittings. This tap is very durable and also lightweight, so you can replace it without too much repetitive strain injury on your arms.


  • This faucet is made specifically for RVs, so if you have an apartment kitchen where space is very scarce, then this is the perfect faucet unit.
  • This spout is one of the most flexible on this list, you can rotate it at the base, which allows you to use it as a rinser in a small sink.
  • This has two easy-to-use handles that you can opt for both hot and cold water. This is perfect if you don’t fancy a sometimes confusing single-lever control.
  • This is perfect for giving you greater space in the sink area - if you are thinking about washing lots of dirty plates or cleaning your boots off after a long trek, then this tape is great for giving you room to maneuver.


  • The part that connects the tap to the base is made of plastic, and some users have complained that this will corrode over months and months of use.


Kraus KPF-1673CHWH Nolen Dual Function Pull, Faucets for Kitchen Sinks, Single-Handle, 16 3/8 Inch,...

This next faucet is probably the most stylish looking on our list, with a two-tone finish and a matte coating that makes for not only a very stylish unit but a very functional and durable one. This is a great-looking faucet that will blend in nicely with most high-end kitchens - introducing the Kraus Faucets for Kitchen Sinks.

This has a pull-down function that will give you complete three-dimensional water coverage. It is very beautiful, the stainless tip is very easy to clean and will remove a lot of gunk that would build up in a traditional unit.

You can install this faucet very easily, which will save you some dollars on hiring a plumber to do the job for you. It comes with two settings, one that you can use for ordinary rinsing and the other you can use for blasting off the more stubborn stains. This spout has a very nice curve and a height of around 17 inches.


  • This faucet has a great design and height, giving you everything that you need for clearance over your kitchen sink area.
  • You can be sure that this one will be able to fit in with most styles of kitchen decors, it is both very modern and extremely chic.
  • This has a hose on the inside that can be retracted, which is perfect if you need to clean many different pots and pans.
  • You can connect this faucet very easily to your sink base, so don’t worry about having to hire out a plumber at extra cost.


  • Although the faucet is very easy to connect, you might find it needs tightening once you have fixed it to the base of your sink area.


Pfister G13310WW Pfirst Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet in White, Water-Efficient Model

This next faucet is probably the most economical model on this list, saving you money on your water bill by decreasing the overall water usage by around 20%. This is a great model to have for people with disabilities, as it has been certified for use by the official standards agency - introducing Pfister Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet in White.

The components on this faucet are completely lead-free, so you won’t have to worry about your water being run through any potentially harmful elements. You also get a filter in your faucet that will aid the purity of the water.

This has a stainless steel finish that will resist fingerprints and many other scuff marks that will certainly damage the integrity of your faucet as the years go on. You can install this one very easily using a deck plate, so you won’t be forking out any more money on having to hire a professional to install it for you.


  • This has an excellent design that contains a blend of metal and plastic that will be both flexible and very durable.
  • This will give you a decent amount of pressure, which can be controlled by a single lever, so if you have hard stains on your cooking bowl, then you can blast it with some hot water.
  • This faucet is very friendly to people with disabilities, so if you are a senior user with mobility issues, then you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of flexibility in your unit.
  • This has a retractable hose that you can use for multi-directional water control. This is a great feature for removing the more stubborn stains that can accumulate in a larger cooking dish.


  • Slime users have complained that this has lower water flow than some of the other units on our list. This won’t suit anyone who wants to clean a large number of pots and pans.


Moen 87017W One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet, Glacier

This final faucet is great for your kitchen sink area, not protruding too far out and taking up too much space in your kitchen. The nozzle itself is made from molded plastic, which is easy to wipe down and makes the whole unit very affordable, which is great for those on a budget - introducing the Moen One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet.

This faucet is very easy to install, and this comes with a plastic wrench that you can use to tighten the nuts and bolts under the sink all by yourself. This DIY element will save you a significant amount of money on having to hire anyone to install it for you.

This comes with a pullout handle that you can use to hose down your plates and pots, which is very useful if you are used to cooking large dinners and can expect your dishes to be piled high in the sink afterward. The water flow from this faucet is very consistent, working well with very few leakages.


  • The handle is a single unit, which means that it is very easy to operate, allowing you to control the water with a high level of accuracy.
  • This has a pull-out nozzle that you can use to clean every nook and cranny of your dishes and plates. This is very useful for cleaning large amounts of dishes.
  • You can opt for having a circular or regular stream of flow with this unit, which is great for cleaning different kinds of objects such as hiking boots that have deep grooves in them and collect a lot of mud.
  • You have a very powerful stream of water that will enable you to get rid of dry mud or cereal that is notoriously hard to shift and will cake on the inside of your utensils.


  • Some users have reported that if the Moen is not fitted correctly, then they have experienced a lot of leaking from the base and spout.

Best White Kitchen Faucets Buying Guide

Most people might be wondering why anyone would want to spend that little bit extra on a white faucet instead of a stainless steel or copper version. Well, aside from the obvious aesthetic bonuses, they are actually very durable units that will be able to resist large amounts of water.

When you are shopping for a white kitchen faucet, then you’ll be looking for more or less the same thing as you would from a regular faucet: functionality, the single lever operation, how powerful is the water pressure, how easy is it to install, etc. Here are just a few things that you’ll be looking for:

What Is Your Faucet Coated With?

This white enamel finish will be great for keeping off water wear and tear. This material is very smooth and will reduce the risk of food matter drying and getting stuck to it. Enamel is very easy to clean and will retain its original gloss for a lot longer than stainless steel.

You can also get enamel in various colors, so if you want a tap that will match the look of the decor of your home, then you should choose an enamel model.

Most faucet manufacturers coat their faucet using a method called physical vapor deposition, which is when the coating is not simply painted onto the metal but is rather integrated into the faucet itself.

How Good Does It Look In Your Kitchen?

One of the main appeals of white kitchen faucets (and black kitchen faucets too!) is the ability to be integrated into the decor of your kitchen. This is in contrast to a brass kitchen fitting which often has the drawback of being a golden color that will be tough to match with the other elements of your kitchen.

You can contrast the whiteness of your kitchen faucets with darker colors, which will mean that you won’t be 100% reliant on having matching white fittings.

What Is The Design Of Your Faucet?

Having the right shape and contour of your faucet will be necessary if you are working with limited kitchen space or have a shelving unit above your sink. If you have a swan-necked affair, then you’ll have to be conscious about whether you have shelving or ornaments above your faucet.

Having a longer faucet does have its advantages though, as it will give you a lot more room to work in the sink area itself. If you are planning on hosting regular gatherings of lots of people and expect to have a mountain of dishes in your sink afterward, then we would certainly recommend the longer neck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A White Faucet Show Stains Easier?

It all depends on the construction of your unit. If it is made from enamel, then the chances are that food matter and other waste will stick to it but will be very easy to clean off, due to its non-stick properties.

Should Your Faucet Have Dual Handles?

This will all depend on your preference, as there are pros and cons to having dual handles. One of the main reasons for having a single handle is for the control that you’ll have over the water pressure. This will be very important for getting rid of stubborn stains such as cereal that gets caked onto the bottom of your cookery bowl.

Having dual handles will be much easier to navigate, as you will be able to clearly distinguish which one is for hot and which one is for cold. If you are a fan of a more conventional faucet setup, then this will be the ideal unit for you.

We hope that our list of some of the best white faucets has helped you to decide which is the best for your kitchen setup. Happy shopping!

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